Common Questions

Q: Does Home Oxygen 2-U provide services to Medicare beneficiaries?
Yes, Home Oxygen 2-U has been providing services to beneficiaries since it was founded. Home Oxygen 2-U is one of the largest oxygen suppliers to Medicare beneficiaries in the United States.
Q: What accreditation does Home Oxygen 2-U have?
Home Oxygen 2-U was awarded accreditation status by Community Health Accreditation Program Inc. (CHAP). CHAP, a private, Medicare approved, not-for-profit corporation which is certified, was developed by home care and community-based providers to help companies improve business operations and quality of patient care. By attaining accreditation, Home Oxygen 2-U has demonstrated its commitment to maintain a higher level of competency and strive for excellence in its products, services and customer satisfaction.
Q: Does Medicare pay for my oxygen equipment?
Individuals with Medicare Part B may be eligible to use their benefits towards a portable oxygen concentrator. Medicare will pay 80% of the allowed cost after Home Oxygen 2-U submits the claim to Medicare on your behalf. If you also carry Medicare supplemental coverage, the remaining 20% cost may be paid by the supplemental company. If you don't have supplemental coverage, you are responsible for the remaining 20%. All customers are responsible for any applicable deductibles.
Q: If I have Medicare, what oxygen equipment and supplies am I eligible for?
If you have Medicare Part B (non-HMO), you may be eligible for the following supplies from Home Oxygen 2-U:
  • Home oxygen units
  • Masks
  • Tubing
  • Associated supplies
Q: Do I need to fill out paperwork?
No, Home Oxygen 2-U files all Medicare and insurance paperwork for you. Because we are one of the nation's largest providers of oxygen supplies to Medicare beneficiaries, our staff is experienced and knowledgeable. With no upfront costs, our professional staff saves you time and money.